About us

Vibe is a family story where each member participates with his personal touch. Martine is the conductor (the “control freak” who gives the orders), Werner the globetrotter (the little magpie who talks to everyone… you have to admit that he’s really cool), Noémi the little bookworm (the little "nerd" who helps with writing and correcting texts with her beautiful vegan pen, of course) and Justine the little microchip (the shy little one who prefers darkness and screens, without you could not read us)! All together, they form a beautiful team with “Vibe”!


Martine loves beets… we make beets, but not like the others. We dehydrate them (the only Canadians, Quebecers or Laurentians, it depends!). There is therefore no frying or cooking. In every bite, it tastes happiness, yes yes, happiness ... and it's delicious! You can eat them without remorse, it's almost as if you eat it raw. It's full of health benefits and we eat them like potato chips. When I told you happiness ...


As if happiness was not enough, we added the sun. Look at the trio and here is the color, the warmth, the beauty of nature (beets, parsnips and carrots). We crunch them like potato chips or sprinkle the sun on our salad, it's so beautiful, good and in addition we added three more vegetables to our plate!


Ah yes, for those who do not know, Vibe is also the continuity of Super Kale. You are therefore aware of everything, curious little ones that you are!